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W&H Machinery

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Since 2005, BSW MACHINERY has manufactured and developed machinery for the production of flexible packaging made of woven PP in Prostějov (Czech Republic) and in Vienna (Austria). Sales, marketing, R&D and service operate out of Vienna, while logistics, design, spare parts sales and machine assembly is done in Prostějov.

An approximately 8.000 m² office and manufacturing space in Prostějov is used jointly by BSW MACHINERY and W&H. Highly skilled employees produce tape stretching lines, circular looms, extrusion coating and woven sack converting machinery.

Prostějov is located in the centre of the Czech textile industry and in close proximity to several universities. The city offers not only a wide range of highly qualified specialists, but also a well developed infrastructure with direct highway access.

Vienna International Airport is just two hours away by car. In early 2013 BSW MACHINERY added another 5.000 m² of floor space and 1.000 m² of office space in a newly built factory. This made room for the increased volume of assembly work, a visitor centre and a fully equipped woven sack technology centre. Here the entire spectrum of woven sack machinery can be tested and presented to international visitors.

By transfer of W&H products to BSW MACHINERY and development of the common production centre in Czech republic, BSW MACHINERY was integrated step by step into the W&H Group. Beginning of 2017, BSW MACHINERY was renamed and now continues under the new name WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER MACHINERY.

Today WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER MACHINERY consists of two divisions: Machinery for the PP woven market as first division, and the production of components for the machinery range of WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER in Germany as second division.