W&H woven PP subsidiary BSW expands sales and production

AD proTex LS bag produced on BSW machines

BSW Machinery, the Vienna based subsidiary of Windmöller & Hölscher, reported strong orders in 2015. Over 20% growth compared with 2014 have resulted in a group approval for yet another building expansion at the company’s production facility in the Czech Republic close to Vienna.

A strong growth in orders is reported by BSW, Vienna. 2015 turned out to show recoveries in some countries where business climate had been affected by political crisis before. Still many other poten-tial customer regions do suffer. However, these areas will certainly require new investments in PP sack production once the crises have been mastered. Therefore, future expectations are positive at the company’s headquarters.

As one further milestone both partners proudly present a game changing new development – the 65 gram woven PP sack. Woven PP sacks are used globally as flexible packaging for cement. The most commonly used size is the 50 kg sack. As a matter of fact the weight of such a PP sack has been set as global standard to above 80 grams. Therefore the new technology package offers a reduction potential of over 15 grams or 20%.

New products have their share of the increased order numbers. For example the 4 or 6 color printing machine servoTex is highly accepted by the market and production in 2016 will be doubled compared to 2014. Also, BSW produced more sub-assemblies for the W&H converTex PP sack bottomer. As W&H continues its growth path at the Lengerich, Germany headquarters this strategy will be rein-forced in 2016 with additional production load coming to BSW.

To meet this challenge, a two-fold strategy is followed by the management. One direction is im-proved sales per square meter and the other is additional assembly space. More personnel and mez-zanine constructions boost the productivity per square meter. Storage areas are being converted to assembly space. To support this second part of the strategy a new logistic center has already been started with completion expected this year.

BSW stands for the woven PP sack business within the W&H group and complements the other business areas in flexible packaging made of paper and film. Dr. Jürgen Vutz, W&H CEO: “BSW is serving customers and technologies which overlap with the other W&H offerings. Therefore BSW is an essential part of our strategy to be the number one partner for our customers in flexible packaging”.