Tectextil (Brazil) expands with a 3-layer OPTIMEX blown film line and an ECOTEX coating line for woven PP, both from Windmöller & Hölscher

Team of Tectextil and W&H in front of ECOTEX 1600L (extrusion coating line)



Windmöller & Hölscher lives the strategy of being the number one machine supplier in flexible packaging. A great example of technological fit of blown film equipment and PP woven converting machines was installed at Tectextil in 2017. The new equipment allows diversification, higher quality, vertical integration and a boost in productivity.

Tectextil is a family owned business located in the city of Piracicaba, São Paulo – Brazil. The company is one of the biggest PP woven bags producers in the country, with a variety of products for several applications. Tectextil is celebrating 30 years of success in the market. One main factory and 4 product confection sites comprise approx. 1.000 employees and a capacity of 1.500 tons/month. The product range includes raffia sewn sacks, AD proTex bags, big bags, PE blown films for liners as well as PP films to be laminated onto PP woven fabric.

The relationship with W&H started many years ago when the Cocozza family decided to start its PP woven business. With focus on the future and results, Mr. Marcelo Cocozza - owner of Tectextil - performed several investments to increase production capacity as well as to diversify their product portfolio. Today Tectextil counts on a huge and modern industrial park. Among the available machines are: two CONVERTEX SL valve bottomers, one extrusion coating line ECOTEX1600L and one 3-layer blown film line OPTIMEX.

The ECOTEX1600L, delivered in 2017, has been equipped with the newest automatic roll change VMAX, which allows main fabric roll changes to be performed at maximum production speed. This new system has granted the increase of the coating/lamination productivity, which supported the overall factory´s efficiency increase by serving highest quality laminated woven material.

The new 3-layer blown film line OPTIMEX, also successfully installed during the year of 2017, allows Tectextil to produce its own film demands, becoming self-sufficient in liners for big bags. Another share of the blown film extrusion capacity is dedicated to special films to be laminated onto woven fabric.

This combination of machines turns Tectextil into an interesting case-study for the W&H strategy: films produced on the OPTIMEX, laminated onto woven fabric on the ECOTEX, converted into AD proTex bags on both CONVERTEX!

"In the process of acquiring equipment, Tectextil evaluates not only the machines, but also the tradition, innovation power, reliability and solidity of its suppliers. This set of characteristics in a machine manufacturer is vital, to let us meet the modern and dynamic demands of our market. Our focus is on high quality products and constant technological development, for demanding customers looking for high performance in their packaging. Because we share these values and focus, we have W&H as a great partner of Tectextil”, explains the director and owner of Tectextil, Mr. Marcelo Cocozza.