Tape winding machine for automatic bobbin change

The TIRATEX is complemented by FILATEX DUOMATIC precision cross winders. The FILATEX DUOMATIC turret-type winder is used for the cylindrical cross winding of polyolefin tapes on cylindrical tubes. The design allows for non-stop winding operation with wasteless bobbin change. The winding principle is based on stepped precision winding, the tape-tension can be centrally adjusted for all winders on the central INTELLICON unit.

Technical Data:

Winding speed: up to 550 m/min
Tape width: Tape width: 2 - 5 mm
(< 2 or > 5 mm - with special modification)
Titer range: 400 – 2.500 den
Thread/tape tension: 50 – 250 g
Traverse length: 200 mm
Bobbin diameter: max. 180 mm
Core tubes: Inner diameter 35 mm Outer diameter 40 mm
Tube length 218 mm +/- 1 mm


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