AD PROTEX LS is a fascinating new technology for the production of PP woven valve bags. This technology combines several developments. Together they allow the reduction of bag weight without losing any of the performance criteria. Key elements are advanced extrusion technology for higher tape tenacity and indexed micro perforation. Reduced weight leads to lower bag cost and improved sustainability.

The new Light & Strong technology (LS) will allow bag producers to greatly reduce their material usage. Critical areas of the bags are made stronger compared to older technologies, the overall thickness and weight of the bag material can be reduced while maintaining current strength.
For cement bags 80 grams per bag are quite common. BSW produced bags with 64 grams, filled with cement and performed drop-tests with the result that LS bags easily excel conventional bags.

Tape strength directly influences the weight of a woven PP bag. It shall meet certain mechanical bag requirements like impact resistance at bag drop. For a wide range of bags an increase of strength can directly be transferred into a lighter bag. As the raw material dominates up to 80% of the cost of a bag, every increase in strength can reduce the production cost for a converter. Also, less material directly results in less energy per bag needed in extrusion.

Up to now higher strength values were compromising the elasticity or vice versa. Now, the new processing technology implemented on BSW’s tape extrusion line tiraTex has broken down this old barrier. Even with standard PP grades which are commonly used in the industry, tenacity values of up to 7 g/den can be achieved with elongation at break values ranging between 25% and 30%. The processing characteristics are designed by the experts at BSW to provide the best results even at highest outputs and production speeds of 500 m/min or more.

Micro- or nano perforation provides the needed holes for bag ventilation during the filing process. However, each hole is weakening the tapes which define the strength of the bag. Especially the feather edges are vulnerable when handling or dropping the bags. The new LS concept protects crucial edges and other areas through indexed perforation. The perforation is disengaged whenever crucial sections of bag material are passing through the bag conversion machine. Synchronization ensures that the unperforated areas are matching to the print on the bag and are placed such that in the final bag the critical zones are built from unperforated material. 

  • 20 % less bag weight
  • Higher tape tenacity and stronger bag
  • High elongation for impact resistance
  • Cost savings through reduced material consumption
  • Higher availability of machines - less wear
  • Energy savings
  • Improved sustainability

AD proTex® LS bags 

  • have a high mechanical strength (they can fall from 5m without ripping)
  • are water resistant (exposure to rain without packed materials being damaged)
  • are lightweight and recyclable
  • can be filled automatically on standard rotary filling machines
  • are easily palletizable, due to their near-brick shape
  • are single-layer and more economical than paper bags

AD proTex® LS bags are made out of 

  • circularly woven
  • PP/PE tubular tape fabric 
  • coated with a PP/PE laminate, thus printable


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