Woven bags provide perfect protection of the packaged product even under extreme transport and handling conditions.

AD PROTEX® valve bags ideally combine minimum raw material usage, adhesive-free sack production and unequalled functionality of their box-shaped design. As a result, they are made in a particularly economical way but can also be filled and palletized similarly as the conventional pasted valve bags. Billions of bags used for various packaging applications are proof of the robustness, performance and favourable cost of this packaging medium.

  • Highly economical
    due to low weight,
    no goods losses and economical production process.
  • No breakage and spillage of goods
    due to high bag strength.
  • No loss of goods because of humidity
    due to water resistance.
  • Ease of handling
    due to nearly-brick-shape,
    adjustable air permeability and filling valve.
  • Recyclable/reusable
    due to use of adhesive-free, chemically inert PP tape material and PP/PE coating.

AD proTex® woven PP block bottom valve bags are used for packaging of: 

  • animal foods
  • cement, gypsum and other building materials
  • cereals, flour, rice
  • dry chemical and petrochemical powders and granulates
  • salt and sugar
  • other dry, free flowing powder and granulate materials

AD proTex® bags 

  • have a high mechanical strength (they can fall from 5m without ripping)
  • are water resistant (exposure to rain without packed materials being damaged)
  • are lightweight and recyclable
  • can be filled automatically on standard rotary filling machines
  • are easily palletizable, due to their near-brick shape
  • are single-layer and more economical than paper bags

AD proTex® bags are made out of 

  • circularly woven
  • PP/PE tubular tape fabric 
  • coated with a PP/PE laminate, thus printable


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