6 colours roll-to-roll flexographic printing machine

This machine is specially designed to print PP- circular-woven or flat fabric, coated or uncoated up to 6 colours on both sides in one single process step. State-of-the-art driving solutions allow for remote electrical setting of print register controls. Advanced features such as full automatic roll change at full speed for unwinding and winding ensure highest possible efficiency at a minimum amount of waste. State-of-the-art sleeve technology for plate cylinders allow for print-job changes in minimum time and easiest handling, while at the same time enhancing print quality and reducing the cost of cylinders and parts-storage significantly.

Technická data:

Materiál: jednovrstvá nebo kruhová PP/PE tkanina - laminovaná nebo nelaminovaná
Šíře role: max. 850 mm
Potisknutelná šíře: max. 820 mm
Rozsah opakování tisku: 450 - 1.450 mm
Možnosti tisku: 6:0, 5:1, 4:2, 3:3
Hmotnost role: kruhová tkanina max. 100 g/ m² (2x), jednovrstvá tkanina max. 180 g/ m²
Rychlost tisku: max. 250 m/min (depending on fabric specification, ink characteristics, print design, anilox rolls, cliché quality, etc.)


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