Stack-type roll-to-roll flexographic printing machine

This machine is specially designed to print PP circular-woven or flat fabric, coated or uncoated up to 6 colours on each side (total max. 12) in one single process step. The machine is of modular design, consisting of two printing stands in line, which can be equipped with a variable number of colour decks (to be determined before ordering), so the machine layout can be tailored exactly to individual needs. State-of-the-art sleeve technology for printing plates allow for print-job changes in minimum time and easiest handling, while at the same time enhancing print quality and reducing the cost of cylinders and parts-storage significantly.

Technická data:

Materiál: jednovrstvá nebo kruhová PP/PE tkanina - laminovaná nebo nelaminovaná
Šíře role: max. 850 mm
Potisknutelná šíře: max. 820 mm
Rozsah opakování tisku: 450 - 1.450 mm
Možnosti tisku: Any print variations up to max 6 per bag side are possible
(max. 6+6). E.g. 4+4, 5+4, 5+2, 6+3, 6+4 etc.
Hmotnost role: kruhová tkanina max. 100 g/ m² (2x), jednovrstvá tkanina max. 180 g/ m²
Rychlost tisku: max. 250 m/min (depending on fabric specification, ink characteristics, print design, anilox rolls, cliché quality, etc.)


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