Windmöller & Hölscher LAMINEX “retires with honor after 20 years" when yet another new W&H ECOTEX extrusion coating line is installed at Têxtil Oeste, Brazil

ECOTEX 1600L at Textil Oeste

Mr. Henrique Deiss, CEO of Textil Oeste

ECOTEX 1600L including winder FILMATEX 1600 at Textil Oeste

CONVERTEX SL100 at Textil Oeste

Windmöller & Hölscher spearheaded many innovations in woven PP. One of the fundamental developments was the LAMINEX, which for many years was the benchmark machine for extrusion coating of fabric. Over the last years the new ECOTEX line of coating machines was developed. Today ECOTEX again sets benchmarks in coating through accuracy of coating, output, versatility and quality of coated fabric.

INDÚSTRIA TÊXTIL OESTE and W&H share a long-time partnership. This relationship has been strengthened in recent years with the installation of new W&H equipment such as PP tape line TIRATEX1600, manual and automatic tape winders FILATEX200 and FILATEX DUOMATIC, extrusion coating line ECOTEX1600L and ECOTEX CL, and last but not least bag converting machines CONVERTEX SL and CONVERTEX SL100.

TÊXTIL OESTE, located in the city of Mondai, State of Santa Catarina, founded in 1970 is one of the biggest PP raffia producers in Brazil. Owned by the Deiss family, TÊXTIL OESTE’s CEO Mr. Henrique Deiss as owner partner has been in charge of the business since its foundation. With approximately 550 employees and a fully vertically integrated production capacity of 1.500 tons/month of raffia, TÊXTIL OESTE produces a variety of bags like open mouth and valved, sewn and hot-air sealed, with and without liner, big bags and other special flat fabrics for special applications. With a focus on development and constant search for excellence in the manufacture of raffia products, TÊXTIL OESTE´s mission is to offer solutions in raffia using advanced technology and making available to the consumer market products and services with total quality.


The recent investment in a new ECOTEX1600L including the newest development “VMAX”, which features the capability to change the main fabric roll without stopping and at full production speed, has given a big boost to productivity and quality. Not only does the new feature allow to increase the output of the coating line by up to 5.000 meter per day by gaining meter by meter at time of roll change over conventional machines. Even more important is the constant coating quality. Operators of downstream equipment demand to receive coated fabric only from the new ECOTEX1600L anymore. Reason is the new and so far unknown stability of the coating process. Without the need to reduce line speed the extrusion coating system can continue to run at optimal and constant process conditions. Production stability and ease of operation are far superior compared to other systems on the market thanks to the smooth and jolt-free splicing of fabric ends at speeds of up to 250m/min. As these benefits have been proven after the installation of the ECOTEX1600L further invest decision has been taken by TÊXTIL OESTE: the LAMINEX “retires with honor after 20 years” and will be replaced by yet another ECOTEX CL.

Being located in the southern part of Brazil, a region known for its European colonization, TÊXTIL OESTE has many employees who carry the German language and culture through the generations, a fact that brought upon and optimized the teamwork together with W&H.

The company reports the quality of W&H equipment and excellent aftersales service as a great differential to support them in their daily demands and challenges. On the machines delivered in recent years, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Henrique Deiss highlights: "We are very happy with the performance of the machines and equipment produced by Windmöller & Hölscher. The trust acquired over the many years of commercial partnership, and the pre and post sales service offered by the W&H staff are market highlights and deserve the congratulations of the whole TÊXTIL OESTE Group"